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These mini sessions are really what counts. True healing unfolds from the very depth of your being as you unwind and let go of all tension and stress.

1) Chakra Rebalancing

Starts with the cleansing of each chakra, followed by Chakra balancing and then harmonic activation of each Chakra's base frequencies which in turn over the coming days leads to optimum healthy chakra functioning and soul growth. One session is usually good for a week but depending on the strenuous atmosphere that one experiences, daily sessions are advised until one is able to tide over the situation easily.

2) Chakra Flush

The Chakras are bathed in divine Reiki healing energy and left to settle in for a while. Following this, another round of Reiki healing light is channeled to each Chakra along with the infusion of Divine Thought pertaining to each chakra. This technique which I lovingly call the "simmer technique" helps the chakras to stabilise and heal itself in divine order.

This technique can be combined with Chakra Rebalancing for a thorough cleansing. One may experience temporary uneasiness until the energy has settled in and the clearings take hold.
Weekly sessions is advised though depending on the nature of your environment, once in three days is ideal.

5) Akashic Records

Accessing the Akashic records of an individual is a very sacred experience. The Soul's entire journey through its development is stored in the energetic archives called the Akashic records which are protected and governed by The Keepers of the Records.

By following the protocol set by these divine keepers, one can gain access to the records of an individual only with their consent. No harm can come without one's consent as the records will never be revealed

When one is told what I see in their records, they usually seem to find it very comforting and revealing, as though they remember it from a past life or as if the information is coming to them from deep within themselves. Many usually resonate with the information given.

While you get insights into your current life, the route you take is solely dependent on you. The Keepers will never tell you what course of action you need to take, but will only reveal the map ahead.

How you utilize this information is purely unto you as you are the true master of your life and no one can take that away from you. But having given many readings and helped people understand them, post a session I can provide guidance with the information you have received. Then again, the choice to follow that or do something different is upto you.

An Akashic reading is never meant to be taken lightly. It holds good until the current situation that you came for passes or you tide over it. Usually, the reading almost always gives you insight on deeper life lessons that you need to overcome thereby freeing a lot of energy which you may have bottled up and not put to better use. Once such situations have passed and you feel ready to learn other lessons, you can take up another reading.

7) Access Face Lift

This is a truly amazing protocol that is designed to permanently enhance the look and feel of a person through energetic healing. 20 sessions are mandatory within a month to lock-in this energy into the body. Many different energies are run in each session and every session is built on the earlier one thereby locking into the body the generative energies of youth.
Every session is photographed for visual confirmation.

8) Energetic Synthesis of Being

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9) Hypnotherapy

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Hypnosis as part of psychotherapy, is the epitome of mind-body medicine. It has been used since the 1950s to successfully change the unhealthy subconscious patterns to create new behavioral responses in alignment with a person's current beliefs.
In hypnosis a person experiences heightened suggestibility which can be used to replace negative thoughts, feelings and attitudes which prevent one from leading a happier and fuller life.
Contrary to myths, hypnosis is about giving control back to a person.
Hypnosis has and can be used in almost every aspect of life which include but not limited to pain management, child birthing, fears and phobias, stress management, weight management, depression, achieving goals, improving concentration, anger management, resolving conflicts between people, enhancing motivation and self confidence, and many more.

10) Weekly Meditations

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