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Integrated Distant Healing with Sandeep Narayan, Energy healer

Our Core Service

This elaborate healing will involve many different levels of energies supported by your Higher Self and your Spiritual Helpers. This is not an attunement. While this is being done you can go about your day per usual but I would recommend that you stay relaxed, yet attentive and be open to any new ideas about your life and well being. Oftentimes, when one is open for guidance or ready to take the next step such as through a healing, that's when the higher realms too open up and their help comes to one in the form of insights, mostly through your intuition or hunches. Be aware of such states and act upon them. You'll never know until you truly take that first step into the unknown.


I will be working on you (upon your energetic structures of consciousness) and if any unwanted energies are present, I will proceed to clear them from you. These influences could be any of the following but not limited to them alone -

  • Removal of Elementals/Entities/Implants
  • Cleansing and Sealing the Aura
  • Cleansing the Chakras
  • Clearing the Chakras energy flow
  • Activating the Chakras (as needed)
  • DNA Activation
  • Activation of Master Cell in the Pineal Gland
  • Sealing of cracks and holes in the Energy Body
  • Activating the Divine Thought forms (pertaining to each sector of the energy field)
  • Activating the Radiant Circuits of the body (Shamanic Touch)
  • Scanning and healing of the body's organs should any issue present itself at the time of the scan
  • Accessing your Akashic Records to gain awareness to your current situation & bring information to you as guided by the Keepers of the Records

Duration & Cost:

Duration Of Each Session:  90 – 120 minutes
The cost for the Integrated Distant Healing Session is:  12,000/-


This is a Distant Healing Session. The only things I need from you is your photo, your full name, date of birth and area of residence. However, depending on the nature of your issue, a live one-on-one session maybe required. If this is so, it will usually be over Skype or where Internet telephony is not possible, it will be a live telephone chat.
If you require this session, please email me at reikirising[at]gmail.com and I will send you an invoice. I will get in touch with you in as little as 24 hours once I receive the payment as I'm not always accessible to a computer. Kindly wait for my reply about your session and the report should arrive to your email within the next 48 hours.
Follow up session: Not recommended before a week. Only you can determine if you need it or not and can be taken up based on how you feel. Listen to your inner guidance.
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Meditations for the Soul

Date : Every Saturday

Duration : 1 Hour

Location : Bangalore

Time : 17:30:00

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our happy customers

Sundar. M

I have suffered from a severe back pain for many years. When I met Sandeep, in a matter of minutes as he took me into the theta level, I felt a bolt of energy rush through my spine. When the session was over and I tested my movement, I found that I could bend down further than before and I could also lift heavy objects. Before I could not do this. For this, I am very grateful. Blessings.
our happy customers

Ashwath. K

I was suffering from insomnia and depression. With a few sessions, I started to feel more alive. By the end of a month, my depression was completely gone and I felt renewed enthusiasm for life.